Laman Angsana Sdn Bhd (LASB) has been developing along its traditional corporate foundation as civil ,geotechnical ,structural and electrical contractor. Along contracting line, it sets to identify with various publics and private sectors related to construction industries with greater emphasis on civil work , roadwork, electrical and maintenance.

The Laman Angsana Sdn Bhd (LASB) was incorporated in Malaysia on 02 January 2008 under the company Act, 1965. This company is 100% bumiputera status. Since Laman Angsana Sdn Bhd (LASB) still new in business line and in view of the present construction industry situation, with its competitiveness and irregularity in both tender prices and budget constraints,LamanAngsanaSdnBhd(LASB) hadto formulate its own business strategy for the adaptation of such kind of market environment. 



Mention below, are the lists of our nature of activities: -

Building Construction

• Civil Work
• Office Renovation • House Renovation • Plaster Ceiling
• Painting Work
• Tiling Work

Civil engineering mainly deal on the Road Work

• Road Milling and Patching Specialist
• Road Maintenance
• Resurfacing Work
• Supply and Install of Road Signboard and Guardrail

• Road Marking
• Road Construction
• General Maintenance Services

Laman Angsana Sdn Bhd (LASB) today, with experience and commitment is capable to successfully embark on projects and assignment of greater scales.